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Tools and Resources to Fight the Spread of Zika

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The Zika Communication Network will remain online and accessible after September 2019. However, the site will be static and not maintained. To ensure all partner resources are available on the ZCN after September, upload all new resources and inform K4Health of any resources modifications by June 7th. Please:

  1. Search the resources currently on the site. Use the dropdown menus to search by country, source, language, resource type, etc. Download a spreadsheet of all of the resources identified by selecting “Export as CSV”.

  2. If an existing resource needs to be modified or removed: Type the modifications into the spreadsheet next to the corresponding resource and email the spreadsheet with your notes to K4Health at: [email protected].

  3. If a new resource needs to be added: Go to “Upload Resource” and follow the prompts to upload the resource by June 7th. * If you are currently working on a resource that will not be available for publication before June 7th, please inform K4Health.


You can start your search here or look at select materials for specific audiences below.


Featured Zika Resources & Tools For



Community Engagement

Empowering communities to tackle the Zika epidemic with best-practice communication tools and resources.

Health Care Worker Training

Providing high-quality training resources to integrate Zika prevention messages in counseling and diagnose and treat negative pregnancy outcomes associated with it.


Sharing best-practice communication tools and resources in a coordinated global response to curb the spread of Zika. 

Mosquito Transmission

Using personal protection and community-level mosquito control measures to prevent Zika.

Sexual Transmission

Accessing comprehensive sexual and reproductive health information and services can reduce the risk of Zika-related birth defects.

Help Build the Collection

Upload your Zika resources and materials now. 


Fostering Knowledge to Combat Zika

Anne Ballard Sara
20 Jun 2019

The very nature of an outbreak compels speed over completeness, because the ability to act quickly and decisively in these contexts can have life-changing consequences for affected communities. Available knowledge is rapidly distributed, updated, and redistributed, and—with a multitude of actors responding to the outbreak—communication of vitally important information can be uncoordinated or disjointed.

Recap: Learning from Zika: Lessons for future public health emergencies

Anne Ballard Sara
17 Jun 2019

On June 11, 2019, USAID and the Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project hosted “Learning from Zika: Lessons for future public health emergencies” in Washington DC. Panelists shared effective practices and lessons learned from the USAID Zika response and discussed their applicability to future outbreak responses. Scroll through the executive summary of the event to see an overview of the topics discussed.