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Tools and Resources to Fight the Spread of Zika

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Community Engagement

Empowering communities to tackle the Zika epidemic with best-practice communication tools and resources.

Health Care Worker Training

Providing high-quality training resources to integrate Zika prevention messages in counseling and diagnose and treat negative pregnancy outcomes associated with it.


Sharing best-practice communication tools and resources in a coordinated global response to curb the spread of Zika. 

Mosquito Transmission

Using personal protection and community-level mosquito control measures to prevent Zika.

Sexual Transmission

Accessing comprehensive sexual and reproductive health information and services can reduce the risk of Zika-related birth defects.

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Webinar: Understanding Perceptions and Practices Related to Zika Prevention

Lisa Mwaikambo, MPH
14 Feb 2019

Since the onset of Zika in Latin America and the Caribbean, USAID and implementing partners have worked to protect families by reducing the risk of new Zika infections. In order to raise awareness about Zika and promote key Zika prevention behaviors, it is helpful for researchers, program managers, and other public health professionals to understand who is carrying out these key behaviors and how perceptions about the behaviors could affect their practice.

A Teacher Champions Zika Prevention

Alejandra Cabrera, Carlos Pineda
13 Feb 2019

This post was originally published by PSI.

It was near the end of the school year and the halls of the Santa Ana Middle School and High School were uncharacteristically quiet. In the cool and dim library, only one student was reading in silence with his headphones over his ears. It was there where Dino Alfonzo greeted us, wearing a warm smile, a grey t-shirt and jeans.