Webinar: Strengthening Emergency Response through SBCC

By Marla Shaivitz | Health Communication Capacity Collaborative
20 Sep 2016

Recent health emergencies such as Ebola Virus Disease, Zika, and yellow fever illustrate that successful responses to emergency situations include social and behavior change communication (SBCC). The SBCC approach to emergencies focuses on preparing for and responding to public health emergencies by building resilience at both the health system and community levels. Therefore, integrating SBCC into emergency preparedness, response and recovery planning not only helps to ensure that communication is well coordinated but also that interventions reaching affected communities are evidence-based and result in long-term behavior change.

This September 29, 2016 webinar explored the importance of SBCC for emergencies and the ways SBCC activities, tools and resources can inform the various communication aspects of emergencies.

Speakers shared first-hand experiences with health emergencies and offer their perspectives on the role SBCC plays in emergency preparedness and response.

The webinar was moderated by:

Amrita Gill Bailey, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs [Presentation: Social and Behavior Change Communication for Emergency Preparedness]

Panelists included:


Listen to the recording.

Marla Shaivitz
Marla Shaivitz
Health Communication Capacity Collaborative

Marla Shaivitz is the Communications Associate for the Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3) led by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health's Center for Communication Programs (CCP). Marla is a seasoned front-end web developer, writer and digital marketing practitioner with a passion for innovations & innovators in technology and those working toward social good. She was a founding member of a web strategy consulting firm that worked with trade and professional societies as well as government agencies in their use of Internet technologies. She spent nine years working for a strategic health philanthropy directing all online initiatives and working with grantees to build capacity and create efficiencies around technology. As a contributing writer for a popular tech blog focused on technology companies and their founders, she’s interviewed entrepreneurs across the US and in Africa.

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