Community Engagement Toolkit - This Is How We #StopZika

This Community Engagement Toolkit, developed to support the This Is How We Stop Zika communication campaign in Puerto Rico, includes information and resources to help mobilize communities to take action to stop the spread of the Zika virus and other mosquito-borne diseases.

In July of 2016, RTI International launched the This Is How We Stop Zika communication campaign in Puerto Rico, which aims to motivate pregnant women to protect themselves and their developing babies from the Zika virus. The campaign, part of an effort with the CDC Foundation and other partners, focuses on empowering and motivating the social networks of pregnant women—including their partners, family members, neighbors, and community members—to take action to #StopZika in their homes and communities. By doing so, they not only help to protect themselves, but their actions also help protect pregnant women.

Take a look at the campaign resources.

Check out the campaign materials in Spanish, including the Kit de herramientas para la participación comunitaria.

Resource Type(s)
Community Engagement
Family Planning
Male Involvement
Mosquito Transmission
Sexual Transmission
Communication Professionals
For the Community
NGO Workers
Partners of Pregnant Women
Pregnant Women
Vector Control Staff
Puerto Rico
United States
RTI International

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