In order to raise awareness about the Zika virus, UNFPA and a group of Latin American YouTubers are using the power of social networks to educate people about one of the most worrying issues affecting sexual and reproductive health Within the region in an entertaining way through Zikatron. The initiative is aimed at young people, women, families, health centers, media and public policy makers.

Zikatron aims to generate new communication dynamics between communities to achieve a true social impact in the response to Zika. Based on the materials developed by the campaign, young people, educators, women, students, health personnel, local organizations and the community are invited to use the contents, adapt them to their social and cultural context, and create their own Mobilization efforts for prevention.

On the website you can download the Zikatron Booklet, social Networking Messages, and campaign Graphics.

Resource Type(s)
Community Engagement
Mosquito Transmission
Risk Communication
Signs and Symptoms
Communication Professionals
For the Community
School Children
Dominican Republic

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